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Charlevoix Country Club
Why stay in a hotel, when for about the same price you can stay in this new, beautifully appointed 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo right on the first fairway of the Charlevoix Country Club.

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"The unrivaled beauty and charm of this classic resort town makes it the crown jewel of northern Michigan vacation destinations. Its setting in the midst of Lake Michigan, Lake Charlevoix and Round Lake provides a magical appeal that has attracted guests for more than 100 years.

Blue water, white sand, gleaming yachts in one of the world’s most beautiful harbors — that’s just the beginning of what makes Charlevoix so captivating. Elegant Victorian homes, white picket fences and vibrant petunias accent the gracious atmosphere. Wonderful parks provide the perfect place to sit back and simply while away the time.

The main street in Charlevoix is only four blocks long, but you’ll want to leave plenty of time to stroll from one end to the other. The number and quality of art galleries, clothing boutiques and gourmet restaurants is certain to bring several stops along the way.

All this and more awaits you in Charlevoix, where your vacation memories will be treasured for years to come.

Things to do in Charlevoix
Petoskey Stones
The Petoskey stone can be found anywhere in the state from the Traverse City area across the state to Alpena. They can be found in gravel pits, and on road beds. However, the biggest influx of stones are found on the Lake Michigan Beaches around Little Traverse Bay, from Charlevoix to Petoskey.
Things to do in Charlevoix
Charlevoix's Earl Young Mushroom Houses
You may have outgrown fairy tales, but several Charlevoix houses will make you think twice. They peek out from among Victorians and farmhouses like portals to an enchanted world–you can't miss their mushroom-cap roofs and walls of huge boulders that could've been plucked from Middle Earth.
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